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UK Business Visa

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  • Are you looking to immigrate to UK along with your family?
  • Are you proficient in English speaking?
  • Are you having a graduate degree?
  • Are you in possession of less than 50% shares in a business based in UAE (working at a director or managerial position)?
  • Do you have an ambition of expanding your business throughout UK?
  • Do you wish to open a franchise or an extension of your business in UK?

The UK government offers a program for the same purpose which is termed as the Sole representative immigration program. This program offers an individual (who is working at the designation of a senior manager or a director in the company) to come to UK with objective of establishing a branch or subsidiary of the same company in UK.

NOTE: the company must continue its functioning from its native place of operations.

The applicants must obtain clearance from British authorities stationed in their countries before making travel plans to UK.

The UK business program applies to the person who is working at a senior designation in the company as that person will be the sole representative of his company in UK. For the very specific purpose, the company that wants to expand business in UK can hire someone in UK but that person must have a track record of establish subsidiaries for other companies as well.

Another condition states that, the person who is being hired should not control more than 49% of the shares in the overseas organization. He must possess the seniority that is essential for undertaking independent decisions in the UK operations.

As implied from the description above, The UK sole representative visa applies to companies that are well-grounded and financially equipped to undertake operations in a European region like United Kingdom. They must have the capability to send a director or senior employee to UK for establishing and carrying out the operations. The overseas company must be able to bear the operation cost for the same.

Let’s discuss benefits of UK permanent residence

  • After a year of residence in UK, you can apply for British citizenship.
  • You can bring your spouse and kids under 18 to live with you in UK.
  • Your family can also become British citizens.
  • The quality of education is unparalleled and healthcare is one of the best in world.
  • You and your family gets access to security benefits.
  • You will have the right to stay in United Kingdom indefinitely.

Duration of business visa

Intially, UK authorities issues visa for three years and then it can be extended to further 2 years, after which you have the opportunity to apply for indefinite stay with the UK government. The senior person of the company is eligible to apply for indefinite stay (ILR) after the spending 5 years as a senior representative of the company in UK. They must be represent the continuous employment for 5 years to the UK government.

While applying for the Permanent residence, the senior person of the company and his dependents must undertake and pass “Life in UK” test. As an alternative, they can also go for ESOL. Another alternative is getting a B1 English proficiency test or a test similar to that.

Visa Extension

Once the decision is made regarding the extension of visa, one has to proff the commercial activities of the company in UK along with the legal registration proof. The company has to prove its activities in UK. It might have to provide account statements, tax submissions, business dealing proofs etc as a proof of its operations.

The UK authorities have not defined a minimum turnover which acts as a benchmark for extending the visa but the UK government expects the business to be capable enough to bear the expenses of its senior representative and it is financially to stable to conduct further operations in UK.

The parent company must also demonstrate the continuation of operations in the home country and it must also fulfill the conditions related to last leave as laid down by the UK government.

The UK has recently put an end to Tier 1 Entrepreneur visa. Consequently, the sole representative visa is most sought after UK business visa alternative.

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