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Canada Business Visa

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The Canadian business visa aims at attracting business people from all over the world who can invest in the Canadian economy and create employment opportunities. There are different categories of Canada business visa.

These individual are allotted work permit in accordance with their investment capabilities.

Factors that help you score points in investment visa criteria:

  • Your age
  • Business experience you possess.
  • Your language proficiency in English or French.
  • Your education qualifications.
  • Your investment capability.
  • Net worth

Things that make Canada an attractive investment destination:

  • Canada is rich in natural resources; it has a vast land which is uninhabited and rich in minerals, oil and gas.
  • The economy is growing rapidly.
  • The country has a great record of civil rights. This is the reason more people are migrating to Canada by the day.
  • The healthcare system is free in Canada. The healthcare facilitates offered to the permanent residents are equivalent to the facilities offered to the Canadian citizens.
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  • The education is free upto high school which also applies for the permanent residents.
  • The country is rich in natural beauty and is almost pollution free. The nature is benevolent on Canada through its landscape.

Canada Investor Visa Programs

British Columbia (Vancouver)

The Province of British Columbia offers 2 investor visa programs; Entrepreneur Immigration Stream and the Regional Pilot Program.

Each of these business visa options have unique criteria and requirements that have to be met to attain a business visa.

Eligibility criteria for British Columbia investor visa

Eligibility criteria for New Brunswick visa

New Brunswick

The state of New Brunswick pride itself on a high graduation rate and it has the fastest internet in Canada which promotes productivity. It provides an optimal environment for start-ups and business to prosper as the operating costs are among the lowest in the whole of Canada and US.

Ontario Investor Program

A significant advantage of investing in Ontario is the reduced business costs and cost of operations. As compared to other provinces, you will have to pay less taxes and your spending on healthcare and housing will be much lower than other areas in Canada.

If you want to secure your Canadian Permanent Residence through business investment in Ontario than you have 2 options; Inside greater Toronto Area and Outside Greater Toronto Area.

Quebec Immigrant Investor Program (QIIP)

The Quebec immigration program has no age limitations and language barriers or education criteria. Hence, it is one of the most coveted and sought after program in the entire world for aspirants who want to immigrate to Canada through Provincial Nominee Program. Quebec has its own benefits in the form of life quality, health-care infrastructure and world class cities.